Unleash the Eternal
Champion Within!

Step into the realm of legends with YYDS! Embrace the spirit of the GOAT - the pinnacle of greatness.Your journey to eternal glory starts here, where every moment is an opportunity to be legendary!

YYDS Token Address

Translating to 'Eternal God' in English, embodies the notion of unending excellence and supreme greatness. It is akin to the Western concept of 'Greatest of All Time' (GOAT), representing the highest level of achievement and unparalleled mastery in any field. This term celebrates the ultimate in skill, quality, and enduring legacy.

YYDS Tokenomics

YYDS Token Address
A Prosperous 8.88 Billion

Total Supply

Echoing the Chinese tradition of fortune and prosperity, our total supply is 8.88 billion, symbolizing infinite luck and wealth. In Chinese culture, '8' (八, bā) is considered the luckiest number, resonating with wealth and eternal prosperity.

80% DEX Liquidity

DEX Liquidity

Aligned with the principles of Feng Shui for balance and harmony, 80% of YYDS is fluidly integrated into DEX liquidity. This reflects the flow of Qi (气), ensuring a harmonious and prosperous market environment.

20% Marketing & Development

Marketing & Dev Allocation

In the spirit of Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War', this strategic allocation to marketing and development embodies the wisdom of careful planning and foresight. This 20% is our commitment to growing YYDS while honoring the strategic ingenuity found in ancient Chinese philosophy.

Seamless Trading, Limitless Wealth

0% Buy Tax and Sell Tax

In harmony with Daoist effortless action (无为, wúwéi), YYDS adopts a 0% Buy and Sell Tax, endorsing a fluid, natural approach to finance. This reflects our commitment to simple, seamless trading. Engage effortlessly with the market's rhythm through YYDS – trade freely, trade wisely, and embrace the smooth flow of wealth in every transaction.

YYDS Tokenomics - A Fusion of Modern Finance and Ancient Wisdom. By intertwining traditional Chinese beliefs with innovative economic strategies, we've crafted a tokenomics model that's not only robust but also deeply rooted in cultural heritage. Our approach is designed to foster prosperity, balance, and enduring success for the YYDS community.


Excellence knows no bounds.

With YYDS, set your sights on the pinnacle of achievement.


How to buy YYDS Token

Acquiring YYDS Token is as simple as embracing the Daoist path of effortless action. Step into a world of opportunity and prosperity with ease and harmony.